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"Make in India and Digital India initiatives are effective tools for best of healthcare facilities to reach people of India. We have a growth rate of 7.6%. If we achieve 8% growth rate for 30 years, then we will be at the top. We need to focus on preventive and affordable healthcare".
‘Sh. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India’

Indian Healthcare Industry, an Overview

India is 4th Biggest Healthcare Market in the World. Indian Healthcare Industry to touch US$ 280 Billion by 2020. Over 70% of the Medical Devicesare are imported in India. 1.8 Million Hospital Beds are required by 2025. Additionally, 1.54 Mn. Doctors & 2.4 Mn. Nurses are required.

The Hospital Design Book All About

The Hospital Design Book is conceptualised and designed in a Coffee Table Book format offering unique opportunity for medical devices, equipments, technical, infrastructure & hospital services providers, Brands to showcase their products, services and update almost all the Hospital Designers, architects, consultants, PMCs, Municipal bodies and other stakeholders besides the prospective hospital entrepreneurs. Hospital Design Book, a One-Stop-Shop for all advertisers and technology giants to showcase their innovative technologies, products and services provided at hardly any cost. Your advertisements and catalogues in the Hospital Design Book will go a long way, ensuring your presence at the design and concept stages itself.

Opportunities Galore!

Get the best of market share which is just an advertisement away! Go-Out and place your advertisement or Catalogues of Medical Equipments, Products, Technology or Services and reach out almost all the architects, designers, builders engaged in designing and building of Smart Hospitals of Tomorrow, besides hospital owners, medical superintendents running and managing hospitals, healthcare consultants and students of architecture, healthcare engineering, hospital management too.

Be There!

Just one advertisement for Rs.60,000 and more ensure your reach to all those architects designers, owners etc. when they are in the design stage itself. Better still, present your catalogue of equipments, design materials and products, services to felicitate them to choose the right material, size, design & shape and let them do space planning suiting your product / equipment. You are automatically there in the BOQ! It pays to advertise in the Hospital Design Book, most cost effective solution.

Unique opportunity to showcase your Design specialised areas!

For all those consultancies, equipment manufacturers who are dealing in specialised areas like Mortuary, Hospital Waste area, OT, Air-conditioning Plants, Solar systems installed etc., can present their designed areas as a case study itself thus giving a ready-made solution for better understanding and perfect space planning. ArchiDesign welcomes this.

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Why a Hospital Design Book?


  • Fills the void for an authentic researched presentation of case studies, researched articles and step-by-step guide for designing of Smart Hospitals of Tomorrow, considering that over 6,000 more new hospitals are slated to come by 2025.
  • A 1st of its kind presentation with hospital designs, drawings, plans of 30 Modern Hospitals. A must-reference-book for every Hospital Entrepreneurs, Owners, Architects, Designers, Builders, Hospital Consultants and students of Architecture & Hospital management.
  • Conceptualised and designed to meet the world-wide phenomenon - “Designs that Heals”. Perfect space planning exhibited through actual designs of hospitals and such specialised areas / departments like – OT, Mortuary, Waste management, Radiology etc.
  • Special Value addition opportunities for the first time; researched articles on specialised departments / sector like- OTs, laying of Gas Pipe-line, Forensic Science, Mortuary, Hospital Waste handling, Lighting and Signage etc. by experts.

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What the Mentors have to Say!

  • Hospital Design Book is a result of sincere and dedicated efforts of years of study on the part of ArchiDesign Group. Adding #HealthTechon, the technology & catalogue section to the book, makes it more meaningful for all architects, designers, hospital owners and Medical Supdts. / Administrators etc. in terms of understanding newer and ever-changing technology and for space management.
    Truly the first ever encyclopedic reference book on hospital designing, planning and managing infection free hospitals. Lots of congratulations to Mr. Sudhir Sarup & Team ArchiDesign, with a very impressive and successful track record”.

    Ar. Achal Kataria Achal Kataria Architects, New Delhi
  • Hospital Design Book is perfect platform to showcase modern hospital designs, medical equipments, hospital products, technologies and services required. All at one place, in print.
    Conceptualised, designed and published by reputed ArchiDesign Group, having published two similar successful books on Airport Designs and Green & Sustainability. Hospital Design Book is surely going to be highly comprehensive and a ready reckoner. A must book for every hospital owner, entrepreneur, architect, designer and construction agencies, healthcare facilities etc.
    One publication that offers unique opportunity to bring together all stake holders of a growing Indian healthcare Industry at one platform. It connects and showcases hospital designs, healthcare brands, technology& service providers and reaches out Hospital & Healthcare facilities across the country, in most cost effective manner and provide an excellent platform for networking among medical, engineering and architectural professionals.

    Dr. Vivek Desai Founder Chairman, HOSMAC, Mumbai
  • Very gratifying to see an informative and concise publication in the designing, building and management of Modern Hospitals and Healthcare facilities.
    Congratulations to Mr. Sudhir Sarup & his ArchiDesign Team, for their contributing to uplift the standards of hospital designing and upkeep to make them in line with global trends. Above all, it is a great attempt to showcase the works of stakeholder professionals- designers, builders, owners and healthcare consultants and managers at one platform for synergistic understanding and performance. Truly a collectible encyclopaedic reference book on hospital designing, planning and managing.

    Dr. Yash Paul Bhatia Founder Chairman, HOSMAC, Mumbai Chairman & Managing Director, ASTRON Group, Gurgaon Chairman, Advisory Council
  • “Hospital Design Book incorporating the #HealthTechon Pages is an impressive reference book for every Hospital entrepreneurs, Designers, Builder and Administrator. It brings together all facets of Hospital Planning and designing from concept to commissioning and is bound to bring in radical change in the design concept of Hospital and Healthcare facilities of tomorrow.”
    “Healthcare has become one of India’s largest sectors and is growing at a brisk pace. The healthcare industry is at an all time high with 6% of the GDP being invested to achieve “Health for all”. The Hospital Design Book brings together the latest design techniques, technologies, equipment, services etc that are set to change the healthcare milieu in India and the world. It offers a win-win situation for all stakeholders of the Indian healthcare industry and shall benefit all in the healthcare business. Congratulations!

    Er. P. S. Saini Superintending Hospital Engineer, PGIMER, Chandigarh
  • The Hospital Design Book is truly going to be a reference book for all hospital owners, administrators, consultants, architects, designers as well as students of architecture and hospital management institutes. Unique in every aspects and presentation, it’s a researched book conceptualised to fill the void of a booming Indian healthcare industry. Hospital Design Book is surely going to be one of the best sourcing platform for all hospital & healthcare related products, technologies, services and consultants, professionals etc. It is surely planned and conceptualized to fill the void that exists today.
    I see it as a Game Changer publication and an advantageous for all Medical Devices, Hospital Infra and Healthcare Products, Technologies and Services Providers as well Professionals, Firms and Organisations in putting the Indian healthcare industry on a fast track.

    Dr. Girdhar Gyani Director General, Association of Healthcare Providers (India), New Delhi

Our Best Sallers

Hospital Design Book is 3rd in a Series of Publication compiled, published & presented by ArchiDesign Group. The earlier best seller being “New Skies, India’s Airport Revolution”, the only Coffee Table book, documenting 31 modern airports of India & second success story ready to be written is “The Green Book. All about Green & Sustainable”.